Mere bathroom me ek Mendhak hai.

Well, nothing deadly like a rattlesnake or Abhishek Bachhan, but still annoying. I hate its reptilian eyes and amphibian traits! In fact, I just abhore it. Pata nahi kya dushmani hai kutte ko mujhse! He just seems to be staring at me and never responds to whatever I do! Reminds me of my manager!

Kal to dimag hi kharab kar diya na! Here I was happily watching the X Men series donated thoughtfully to me by Mohsinbhai and decided to stop the movie for a minute. Haramkhor mouse ke paas hi baitha tha! Looking at me through his supercilious managerial eyes. I decided to wait till he has his own fill of my good looks. Upon my soul! This is hard! I own this home, dammit! What business has this froggy here? Ab to sala bedroom me bhi aata hai! Bloody, has the run of the house! I give up!

Considering the subject monetarily, I pay around 20k per month as loan installment. Just so that I can be the legal owner of an abode, which is really owned by a woman and her 2 kids. Ye mendhak is tarah behave kar raha hai aajkal, goya ye ghar use virasat me mila! I’m all for it. It’s yours, my little friend! Just clean the mess! BV gayi tab se jhadu tak nahi laga. The idiot is a manager! Never wants to work. Just delegates. A good manager manages. This character manages me!

Had hoti hai na! I demanded it yesterday. My own soliloquy… Sale, I pay 20k or so each month and I don’t even own the bathroom! You have the run of the house! Kaiko? Kitna pay karta hai? Do you work nights? Get the hell outta here!

Mendhak sirf dekhe ja raha tha. Just like, weighing it’s words. Jaise shabd motiyo ki tarah hain aur har lafz beshkimti! Jaise ki mai unhe afford nahi kar sakta! I decided to kick the bastard out, but lacked the dare.

Suddenly it’s reptilian eyes were filled. It cleared it’s tiny throat and said, ‘Sir, I’m not a frog. I’m a tree frog. We are born on trees and never land on ground. We die above. ‘

Ye baat kuchh hazam nahi hui! ‘So, why the hell are you trying to scare me! Be gone to your trees, sir! Haven’t I paid for this home? Get lost, if you please!’

The little beastie smiled. Or so I thought. Never seen a frog smile, you see?

‘Trees? What trees? None left and we are cursed to live against our own nature. In people’s homes. Just like you are cursed to live against your nature. Working at nights.’

This hurt! What business this intruder has to insult me? Meri maa hamesha mujhe ullu bolti thi! WTF it knows! I left the idiot. I have another bathroom. Rahne do ise wahi!

Kal se lawn me soya karunga, till my wife is back, dammit