Dear Rakesh,

Hope you are doing well.

I know that you don’t know me. May be, you know me by my name, but you never ever recognized me.

You remember that day, 20 years ago? When you were very angry and were fighting like a man possessed with 3 guys in Darukhana? You won that fight and moved in to kill one of the guys. I held your hands. You hated me. Because, you always hated people interrupting your plans. I know. You never have loved me, but I can’t ever stop loving you. I was one of your friends then.

I was walking next to you, when you were going to your boxing club. I saw you miss your tournament bout and fight with that constable at Nagpada junction, just because he slapped a kid on bike. You were arrested for obstruction of justice. I saw you and was really surprised. You always cursed me for being such soft hearted and I was truly shocked to see you being so soft! You were always a big bully!

And, what about that function at Byculla? When you decided to beat up a guy, just because he laughed at at your brother? Who stopped you? Yes, sir. Yours truly. I know. You will always hate me, just because I’m non violent and you thrive in violence. But, Rakesh! Tell me. Would you really succeed and be happy after killing and hitting everyone in the world? I remember how you wanted to kill me too! Just was lucky that you didn’t have enough strength to kill me.

Rakesh, I know that I always nag you like a wife, but I have a good reason. You have all the talents. Why can’t you control your wild temper? Why can’t you love? I know why you hate me. I always succeed where you fail. I’m much better than you, in spite of your talents and strength. I’m not stronger than you, Rakesh, but I can love. And, I think, love is the greatest strength in the universe. The ultimate power.

Hope you realize my power. Hope you realize that I’m stronger than your brute strength and raw power. Hope you realize that a devastating punch is much weaker than a loving hug!

Rakesh, let your animal romp back in wild. Learn my language. Develop my talent. Learn to love…



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