She looked at me and smiled.

I was sitting on a park bench. It was a wintry Sunday morning. We ladies have a peculiar habit which is considered weird by males. Whenever we are interested in another of our sex, we give them a detailed look over. I have never seen a guy inspecting another one at a meeting. One glance and they have their fill of good looks. Not for us ma’am! We need to analyze everything, from the coiffure to nail paints. She was an affluent looking stately lady. May be on the right side of 30s. Tall and beautiful. She was wearing a blue denim and red top which offset her fairness to her advantage. She had expressive and large eyes and was looking at me in a friendly way. She was waiting for someone.

I was a little conscious. Although good looking, I was not at my best. Last few months of hectic, miserable and troubled lifestyle has taken its toll on me. I recently was separated from my live-in partner and our children decided to not to stay with me. I was living in a hell. Homeless, penniless and beautiful. The only thing I owned was a fur coat left to me by my mom, which was better than the dress of this lady and gave me a respectable air. One can understand my plight. It was a real ordeal to fend off all the males, who always think that they have an automatic right over someone, who is helpless like me. Although such things make you tough they also leave their mark on you. Then the lady smiled at me. I decided to talk to her. I was hoping that she will be able to arrange a living for me. I was gathering my courage to approach her, till she was joined by a guy a few years older than her. I subsided and sat back on my bench.

They started talking about something. It was some kind of discussion, which was turning into an argument with the guy flaring up. The lady was trying to explain and appease him but he was unwilling to listen. His voice rose. I had a kind of premonition. I know such temperamental guys. Richard, my partner was like this. I could have told this lady that may be couple of years down the line, she will be in exactly my position. I would have advised her to ditch him before its too late! But, I needed her help and there was no sense in antagonizing her. You don’t know how people will react to your well meant advice. I kept my own counsel and watched them thoughtfully, while smoothing my fur coat. Finally, the guy left in a huff, leaving the lady in tears.

I got my chance and literally leaped off my bench. I swished my tail once, jumped in her lap and meowed loudly, looking up at her tear streaked face. She smiled through her tears and rubbed me behind my ears.

I don’t know about that lady, but I was happy! I had finally found a home!