Happy Birthday to Me!


8th of May. 

The day I used to await since I don’t remember when!

A day to fulfill promises, which were never fulfilled hitherto. A day, which invoked some hidden magic. A day, which caused the usually surly dad to officially proclaim in a gruff voice that he wishes me happy whatever. I was simply lost in the bliss of the word happy and didn’t cares what he said later? Pig? Dog? I never remember listening. It was the day I was born.

I’m unfortunate enough to be born on the worst of the dates a man can ever conceive of! Plumb in the middle of vacations when the schools were closed and all the friends were off to visit their native places. I never ate my birthday cake in schools. I never distributed chocolates and basked in the glory of being the only guy in civilian dress. A peacock in the covey of buzzards! I know they are. I was one till I was in schools. Well, schools. Plural. I was kicked out of many. No one appreciated the talents of a genius, it seems. I guess, they were jealous of my fame or whatever people get jealous of. The point is, I never celebrated the Famous 8th May.

I managed to clear the drudgery of school and got elevated to the cadre of future geniuses. I was on the way to being more educated than Thomas Alva Edison. I went to a college, which was reluctant to have me initially, but gave in when the local corporator threatened them. Again I got the short straw. No birthday celebrations for poor Rakesh!

Same status quo continued in engineering college. Now, I was resigned to this unfairness. I wanted to end the education, get a job and proudly tap my boss on his shoulder… ‘Hey Buddy! I need a leave tomorrow. I was born on 8th May, you see?’ I finally got married to the first foolish woman, who wasn’t fast footed enough to get away, and got a job too.

The first birthday after the kids was lonely again, as my better half decided to be better off. She went to her parents place. The kids, who conveniently are born on 15th of March and 17th of October were more than happy! I bought a cupcake, stuck a scrawny candle and cut my cake…. and ate it alone.

This 16th year of marriage, history repeated itself. Guess, even history has this beast of habit like us mortals to repeat itself! On the eve of my birthday, that is, yesterday, I was despondent. Despondency, like frustration has it’s own safety valve. You forget after sometime that you are despondent. I went to office and forgot all about the famous 8th May. I came back from my last break at 12.15 am and was slapped and shook by everyone. I was astonished!

The surprise ended in our cafeteria, where The Team awaited with the most beautiful cake I had ever seen! The cake emulated all I lost. The cake was like the Alice’s cake! Fulfilling! Not the stomach, which is simply a slave of the mind. It fulfilled desire. It was a fulfilment of missed dreams. It was a fulfilment of a lost childhood.

Happy Birthday, Rakesh Pandey!


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  1. A very belated Happy Birthday Rakesh. I am a wee bit too late, though it may not be too bad a thing as it ensures that all wishes are not exhausted on the same day. 🙂 Did I just cook up a nice excuse? Btw that was a lovely cake.

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    • In fact, what you said makes a lot of sense. Belated wishes are more precious than the concurrent ones, as they imply that you still are valued after the Golden Day. So, I won’t consider it an excuse, warna is belated glory me bask karne kaha milta? 🙂

      Thanks a lot, Somali! 🙂

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  2. Happy belated Birthday Rakeshji. As usual I am late in commenting, as I always need peace and solace to read your posts so that I could imbibe your thoughts. But birthdays don’t wait that long for a lazy person like me. 😦
    Well, I enjoyed this read a lot. What are birthdays for? To enjoy, and you did it a lot that I can sense, whether you have celebrated or not. And your satirical celebration was the cherry on that ‘Alice’s Cake’. 🙂
    Keep the celebration button on for some more time so that your readers get to read happy-go-lucky posts from you. 🙂


    • The celebration was a fiction. So was the fulfilling cake. I don’t know how you caught it, but you hit on nose. 😀

      Even this birthday was as lonely. Not that I mind anymore. 🙂

      Koi baat nahi. I believe in my Gaon wala Kabir. Another Benarasi. Another story is on Benaras.

      And, I love to read your comments, which are usually more interesting than my posts. You and Ravish Mani. You both really research before writing. Wish I had that patience!

      Thank you, Sangeetaji! Thanks a lot!

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      • Thank you so much for your lovely words Rakeshji. I would love to read your next story on Benaras, as I have put down my roots to the place. Your stories are a treat to read. I’ll wait for the next one. 🙂

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  3. Come on, don’t be overly-funny! I am sure everybody celebrated your birthday in their own ways (like you did)…just that they kept you out of the picture 😜

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    • Thank you, Corinne! I’m a fan of your posts! Those tiny smiles you dispense, emanating from the cutest fauna! I always show them to my 6 years old darling and her ‘Aww’ and her happy giggles bring a real smile to my face.

      You are doing an admirable and enviable job! God bless! 🙂

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    • Thank you, Divyang! I’m not much of a writer. It’s just these appreciations, which fuel me to putter around with a cartload of words! God put speed to your words and bless me with creation! That’s one very beautiful wish I received! Not lonely anymore! 🙂

      Thanks again!

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    • Oh, thank you, lady! It indeed was! Considering my dreamy nature, I’ll remember it on all my birthdays, whenever I’m alone and desolate. Khalil Gibran once said that the past is a fiery finger pointing towards future, silently. Because, present is usually too busy trying to survive. So, if my past is any such indication, my future birthdays are again going to be lonely.

      That cake is going to fill the horizon then. 🙂

      Thank you very much for your wishes! 🙂


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